Porn Star Experience London

The pornstar experience is not to be confused with the girlfriend experience (GFE) as well. Where our GFE escorts deliver intimacy and romance, a PSE escort engages in all the acts that you may have thought are forbidden. When you watch pornography, you will notice that the positions are more adventurous and the stars are extremely active. This can all be yours as you and your chosen PSE escort explore each other’s bodies and boundaries. 

If you are wondering what services come under the PSE special treatment, it can be anything that leans towards the more extreme end of the spectrum. Starting from dirty talk with one of our sumptuous, mischievous girls, you can progress to anal and spanking with the iconic COF climax that you love to see in porn. If you have never tried any of these erotic acts on their own, why not try them all in the same session? At the discretion of yourself and your chosen pornstar partner, everything is permitted and nothing is taboo. 

Prepare yourself to be the leading man in your own real-time porno. You will get to try all the extravagant positions that you imagine in your mind, but you get to act them all out with a lady of astounding beauty and athleticism. After your session with one of our PSE girls, you will feel a freedom like no other, knowing that you have just had a mind-blowing, uncensored session with a gorgeous model.

As extreme as the PSE may sound, you will need to play nice to some extent with your chosen girl. The PSE service, perhaps more than most, relies on a higher level of trust between you and your lady. Once you have both of your boundaries set, all that’s left is to act out your ultimate pornstar experience fantasy. 

Once you have chosen your co-star for a hardcore PSE session, you are ready to book. You can make your booking online by filling out our booking form with your details and any special saucy requests. Alternatively, you can call or text us to discuss your booking. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our PSE escorts and the services that they offer with this unique experience.