A beautiful experience - masked

Masking yourself during a sexual or any erotic encounter is commonly enjoyed by millions worldwide, and here's why you should join the masses. Masking yourself removes a lot of the identity and personality from your encounter, but not in the way you might think. Some worry that their encounters will feel less personal and intimate from masking up, however, the truth is, is that taking up a mask to hide your identity can help remove a lot of the worries and anxieties caused by a normal sexual encounter, let alone one with an escort. Many enjoyers of the mask fetish agree that when putting the mask on, they can act as their true selves with a smaller feeling of worry. 

Behind the mask

We understand that when masking up your gaze feasting upon the beautiful face of your date stops; however a mask could also serve as a way to make our models even more appealing. Think about this for a moment: You are on a date with a gorgeous model who you simply cannot get enough of. This model has the most beautiful face you have ever seen matched with the body of a goddess. You simply cannot stop staring at her impeccable face and focus on her body due to how gorgeous she is, well, I have the perfect solution for you! A mask will take the attention away from a persons face during intimate times, and put their awe inpsiring bodies in the spotlight. 

Our models who offer Filming with Masks, are all experienced escorts who provide a professional service for those seeking. We can guarantee that every single escort in our gallery is a stunning hot babe who you will be yearning to spend time with. 

Paradise Models - with masks! 

Paradise Models represents some of the UK's highest rated and most elite courtesans and escorts offering their services to gentlemen like yourself. Because of this, we can confidently say that everything you see in our gallery is exactly what you get. Quality, professionalism - and most importantly, discretion. These are all given when booking any model from Paradise Models, but for those exquisite clients who wish to keep an even higher level of privacy, we offer our esteemed service of Filming with Masks. Of course, the filming part isn't mandatory and if you simply wish to have a masked encounter, our Filming with Masks models offer that too, but they do specialise in helping you create high production home videos of your encounters. 

How to book a Filming with Masks model? 

We understand that picking and booking your favourite or selected model has always been one of the hardest parts of the experience. We can happily announce that while the process of picking your favourite model is up to you, we have iterated and worked on our booking process to assure a simple, easy and worry-free experience every time you grace us with your patronage. Simply browse our gallery, pick a girl who you like and get in contact with our bookings team on our number at +447310680797 or contact our Whats App! You can also get in touch via email, however, that tends to be reserved for pre-bookings as response times via email may be slower.