Heart racing passion 

If you are a connoisseur of the sexual arts, you are probably well acquainted with the concept of an MMF encounter, but, for those who are still unaware of this erotic gem, an MMF encounter is a Male Male Female encounter, meaning that it's a threesome with two males and a female. Whether you want to enjoy this beauty with a friend or partner, we can guarantee that you will love it and it will bring some much needed freshness and spiciness to your bedroom. If you feel a bit intimidated by the idea of an MMF, fret not because our escorts are incredibly friendly and will do everything in their power to make this as comfortable as possible! 

Enjoyed by many, tried by some

Not everyone has the chance to try a threesome, let alone an MMF but, at Paradise Models, all year round we offer you a selection of girls who offer an MMF service. This means that no matter the time of year or day, you will find a hot escort who offers this service so if you've never had the chance of trying something akin to MMF, now is the perfect time! Whether you want to spend some time getting to know your girl with your partner or friend or wish to get straight down to business, you will find someone that you will like in our gallery. Browse hot, adventorous blondes; stunning and fiesty brunettes or fiery redheads, no matter because Paradise Models has something for everyone! 

Enjoyed safely and responsibly

Due to the nature of MMFs, many models only offer this service at their incall locations, but, it is safe to say that everyone who wishes to try this service or offers an MMF, wants to do it at a safe place where everyone can make sure that the fun is responsible and safe. We understand that to some this may not be ideal, but giving respect for the safety of our girls is one of the most important things that we. as an agency and you as a client can do. After all, these girls dedicate hours of their lives for your company and entertainment. Regardless, we kindly ask you that when you are booking a model from our site, please stay respectful, safe and responsible. 

How to book and enjoy an MMF encounter?

If you wish to try an MMF experience for the first time or you're a returning veteran, finding and booking a model to spend your date with has never been any easier! Simply browse our gallery of models offering this service and once you have picked a girl who has piqued your interest, just give us a call or text on +447310680797 or contact us through our Whats App! You can also book your dates via email, although this is preferred for pre-bookings because response times might be slower.