A commonplace for all sorts of kinks

Leather is understood to be the commonplace for countless kinks. Let me ask you this rather easy question: What do all the following kinks have in common? BDSM, Punishment, Pet play and Constriction. The simple answer is leather. All of the kinks and fetishes mentioned previously one way or another are focused around leather. Countless equipment for fetishes is based on leather material faux or not. For example, whips, spankers, canes and full BDSM outfits are all made of leather. This is just another reason why if you haven't tried leather play in one form or another, it is the best time to do so with hot and comforting models from Paradise Models. 

Paradise Models are even better in leather 

Paradise Models is proud to represent a collection of the most elite and professional models available in the UK who are graciously offering their services to their clients. Among such high standard, it's hard to find something that really stands out and for this reason, if you've been looking for an experience that could set itself apart from the rest, look no further than Leather Outfits! It's simple, it's vanilla friendly and most importantly, it opens a door to the world of other, heavier kink play which you may have never known you were into. 

All of your needs - accomodated for

We understand that a crucial part of picking the right model to spend your night or date with is making sure that your preferences are somewhat symmetric with the likes and services of the girl you are seeing. On Paradise Models, we are proud to represent a collection of girls who are not only very open about their preferences, but are also incredibly accomodating to your every kinks and preferences. So whether you like hardcore roleplay, heavy BDSM or a close and intimate Girlfriend Experience, we can assure you that we will have a girl who will do just that for you. Gone are the days of having to give up on a dream kink or scenario for the sake of having someone to see - it's time to live out your fantasies! 

How to book a hot Leather Outift escort? 

Booking your favourite girl for a hot and sensual date has never been the easiest process. You have to consider all of your options very thoroughly and think about every possible outcome - after all, you're planning a date! Well, we are happy to tell you with absolute pride that we have done all we could to make this as simple as possible. When before booking an escort has been stressful and difficult, with our new and tested process of booking a model for your date, you will be happily cruising through without realising! Simply pick a girl who you like and contact our professional bookings team on +447310680797 or you can contact our Whats App to book too. We can also book via email, however we ask that you only do this for bookings in advance as our response times may be slower through email.