Pleasure bound 

Many of us have a secret, hidden kinky side. Some like to show this publicly, but some of us prefer to have it kept hidden away. If either is the case with you, don't worry because you have entered a safe space where all of your kinks are tolerated and looked after for. Whether you enjoy being handcuffed and punished for the bad boy that you have been or simply like being in handcuffs, our models all offer a professional and high quality handcuff service. Some of our models also enjoy being handcuffed while under the sheets, so if that is more your vibe, look no further! 

An everyday kink that takes encounters to the next level

In terms of kinkplay, having a fetish for handcuffs is relatively common and normal. Many of us enjoy the taboo sense of being bound, especially by handcuffs which often have a rather negative idea with them, being used by police mainly. But, as mentioned previously, this is rather normal and enjoyed by millions worldwide. Many experts will agree that even to those who prefer vanilla play, bringing a pair of handcuffs into the bedroom is bound to make your sex life a lot more exciting. There are so many ways for this simple pair of handcuffs to be utilised during sex from heavy binding to light foreplay or roleplay. 

Hot Handcuff Escorts make the world go around 

Now that we have spoken about the importance handcuffs in the bedroom, it is time to talk about our gorgeously stunning models that host such a beautiful service. Paradise Models are experienced in all sorts of kink play so if you're anxious about trying something new, rest assured because you will not only be looked after, but made sure that you feel comfortable with whatever your date may entail. Our models are professionals who are incredibly skilled at not only making you feel comfortable but their skills excel at conversation too. You will find yourself engaged in a conversation with one of our girls for hours either after or before your date and not only will this conversation be incredibly engaging, it will stimulate your mind just as well as our models will your body. 

How to book a Handcuff escort?

If you're intrigued by our explanation of Handcuffs, finding and booking a model to spend your date with has never been any easier! Simply browse our gallery of models offering this service and once you have picked a girl who has piqued your interest, just give us a call or text on +447310680797 or contact us through our Whats App! You can also book your dates via email, although this is preferred for pre-bookings because response times might be slower.