Immerse yourself in the Slavic Lifestyle

It has been common knowledge for a long time that Eastern girls have a natural, otherworldly beauty that simply cannot be matched. Whether you're thinking of Russian girls, Ukrainian babes or any other nationalities, this applies as a blanket statement to most, if not all from that region. There is just something about them that makes them incomparable to any Western beauties. Granted, that is not to say that Western girls are not also intoxicatingly beautiful, but Eastern girls simply do it differently. Better in some eyes, but that is up to preference. 

We are glad to announce our roster is expanding with the addition of sexy Ukrainian girls! Whether you're a sucker for slow and sensual intimate encounters with a quality Girlfriend Experience, a fan of a wild party experience with a bubbly girl or want to confront your deepest darkest desires and experience a domination escort in her fullness, everyone is bound to find something that tickles their fancy. Ukrainian girls are known for their passionate and warm approach to loving and this is certainly felt in every aspect of their service provided. 

A new type of loving 

As mentioned previously, the Ukrainian approach to passion, intimacy and through an extension of these, service, is simply unmatched by anything in the Western world. With our new roster of hot Ukrainian London escorts added to our site, you can rest assured that your selection of the hottest courtesans and premium escorts will almost double! We can also confidently say that no one will feel excluded by our newest additions as we have made sure to screen our fresh additions in a manner that would ensure

that even upon launch, we will represent a wide selection of sexy escorts that will satisfy your every need. Doesn't matter if you're in the market for a GFE, a daring A-level,  a night dancing at the club or someone to simply share a lovely romantic dinner with, our fresh Ukrainian faces will look after everyone, no matter your preference. 

At Paradise Models, we strive to achieve a sense of perfect balance when browsing our galleries. We want everybody to feel like they can and will find a girl that will satisfy their deepest, dirtiest desires and fantasies and this mission for us is one of the most important things to focus on. Our goal is to become an agency that you associate with quality, transparency and a truly professional service that is completely unmatched by anyone in the same calibre. We believe that our addition of scorching hot Ukrainian babes is a step towards realising this mission and also a step closer toward providing you with the most perfect service possible. 

Enter Paradise with a hot Ukrainian babe by your side 

London is a big place. There's no hiding that; this bustling metropolis sprawls for hectares with more than 6 million people sharing this gorgeous, historic living space. When you're surrounded by such a dense amount of people at all times, it is rather easy to feel lonely and disconnected from the masses around you. This is why we could not recommend the company of a hot Ukrainian London escort by your side! 

Our escorts and premium models offer an esteemed and professional service regardless of what your preferences are. If you're looking for a soft spoken, intellectual soul to share a deeply stimulating conversation over dinner with, seeking someone's otherworldly body to explore under the sheets in a night of hot, passion filled pleasures or if you're simply wanting someone interesting to take sightseeing around London as you visit the countless museums and landmarks such as The Big Ben, London Eye or, for those who are daring, the London Dungeon for a blood boiling terrifying experience. 

How to book a hot Ukrainian London Escort? 

Booking an escort has always been a "difficult" process. There's just so many different things to keep in mind when booking that it can feel extremely overwhelming at first or, even to seasoned escort veterans. While there's a lot of factors out of our control when it comes to booking such as your preferences, the services you had in mind or the availability of the girl(s) you had in mind, we have worked tirelessly to improve on the things that we do have control over to assure you that when you're booking with Paradise Models, you will have the most worry-free, simple experience possible.

After you have picked out a girl that piqued your interest, all you need to do is contact us in one of the avenues that we offer. First of all, you can contact us through our phone number which can be called, texted or contacted through WhatsApp. This method of booking is almost instant as we monitor these channels almost 24/7. If called, your call will be answered by one of our professional call handlers who will guide you through the booking process and tell you everything you need to know about your date to make sure that you can spend every moment needed preparing for your otherworldly experience with a hot Ukrainian London Escort. We also offer email contact