Why choose Foot Fetish Escorts? 

Foot fetish is still quite commonly believed to be very taboo. Paradise Models is here to change that. There are numerous ways why an esteemed gentleman like yourself might enjoy a foot fetish, whether that is because you enjoy feeling lower or below your partner or if you find the dirty aspect of a foot quite arousing, it doesn't matter because we are here for provide for you. 

The newest craze - Intercrural Sex! 

Intercrural sex, also known as coitus interfemoris, is the action of having non-penetrative sex with a girl's thighs. This is commonly bundled in with a foot fetish due to how close they are to each other and recently this has been on the rise. Not sure if this is your thing? Allow us to convince you otherwise. 

Whether it has been a long day at work or a particularly messy night out, sometimes as men, our aim might not be the best or, we might not have the energy to go all the way with our partners. With intercrural sex that whole aspect is no longer a worry, and, with a foot fetish model, the experience is beyond nirvana inducing. What are you waiting for? Experience the smooth thighs or inviting feet of a Paradise Models foot fetish model today! 

Why Paradise Models?

Here at Paradise Models we pride ourselves on the highest quality service to you at your best convenience and most optimal prices. Our models are professional and well trained and your discretion is always of upmost importance. 

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